Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Winter Prep

Winter is coming fast, so one has to get water out of systems.  This is the place in our basement where we turn off the water to the garage faucet.  I have to turn them off then unscrew a screw to have them drain out.  You also have to open the values in the garage otherwise a vacuum forms and water doesn't come out.

I also like to drain some water out of the water heater at this time of year to clean out any mineral build up.  I generally don't get much, which surprises me since we have hard water.  I can only imagine what the inside of the tank looks like...
This time though I loosened the nut and the faucet started dripping.  Luckily it was a simple matter to tighten it up again.

I also ran anti-freeze through the yard sprayer tonight, because it would be a bummer to lose that.