Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Bathroom costs

I have been collecting receipts for the last year, this is what I have so far...
  • $350 - 60"x42" White curb shower base
  • $500 - Wall Tile, grout
  • $40 - lights
  • $20 - bargin door
  • $120 - pocket door frame
  • $100 - faucet
  • $100 - drain PVC, ball valve, pex adapter, etc
  • $130 - cement board
  • $110 - waterproofing stuff
  • $100 - self-leveling concrete
  • $30 - mortar
  • $35 - drywall
= $1635

I am sure there is more I am missing but it is probably under $2000.  We still have the floor, toilet, and vanity to find.  So all in will probably be close to $5000 I would guess.

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Shed pt 5 cost roundup...

The kit from Costco came with a flour, but I wanted to put it on piers and I wanted 10/12 foot pieces of lumber, so I bought that separate.  I put 9 piers under it, with 3 double 2x6 beams.  That seems to be working well so far.  We are trying an ice rink in front of it.  It hasn't been cold enough to freeze yet though.

We still need to paint it next spring.
  • Costco Kit: 2400
  • Deck flashing - 23.50
  • Screws, hook blades - 25
  • Concrete - 100 (tubes) + 135(concrete)+135(brackets)
  • Floor - 35+290+15+
  • Deck - 200+
  • Ramp - 30+21 
  • Roof Edging - 41.88
  • Shingles - 210
  • ~256.20 (tax)

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Snowblower Repair...


So I am not sure the exact comedy of errors that happened with fixing the snowblower, but it started out with it not starting.  So naturally a carburetor problem...  Nick and I took it apart and found that the needle valve was indeed covered in stuff.  We cleaned it off and it worked for a bit.

Then it must have stopped working again, because I am pretty sure we took it apart again...  Then after we put it back together it wouldn't start.  So my fallback is to order a new carburator.

We got it and I started putting the new one in, but I was having a problem getting the spacer to fit.  So I checked You Tube and figured out that the spacer went on the other side of the carb.  So we must have put it back together incorrectly that second time.

So I doubt we needed a new carb, but I put it in anyways and it ran right away so we are ready for winter now.  Lesson of the day is to double check how to put things back together...

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

New Washer and Dryer

 It took some doing, but we finally got a new Washer and Dryer installed.

They were delivered on the 28th, but the installers wouldn't move the old washer because we hadn't done a good enough job getting the water out, and it was so old that they didn't know how to empty it.

So we had to call to set up another time to have them install it.  That was supported to be Friday, but their truck broke down, so we had to reschedule again.  I heard Tuesday and figured we could make it.

Tuesday came and no call or delivery window, so I call them bright and early and they update me it is the following Tuesday.  That is no good so I am begging the guy what can you do, he can do Thursday, but eventually agrees to come over at lunch and install it himself if I can help with the heavy lifting!  Sure.

Important notes in dryer install, they ship with the neutral line attached to ground, you need to move that when installing the plug.

These are quite a bit bigger, which should be nice.  Black "Friday" sale made them $1496 for the set.  Then when I called they gave us back the $50 for hauling away the old washer, even though he did.  Then we returned the plug we didn't use and the dryer vent (we used our old one), so made back $60 there as well.  Not too bad.

The old washer dryer lasted almost 15 years and washed all our babies cloths.

Monday, November 13, 2023

Garage Door Springs

 It is that time again...

It was the main garage door again, almost exactly 7 years again.  Crazy.

The spring on the smaller door has never needed replacment (knock on wood...), though we use it less.

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Shed pt 4

 My friend from work Jon offered to help me with the shingles on the shed.  I am very glad he offered and didn't resist too hard.  I had never put on shingles before and didn't realize how much work it is.  Once you get a rhythm going they go, but it still takes a while.

Also, the shed has a pretty steep roof, and having his longer ladder helped.

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Bathroom pt 10

We came up to do some raking and to turn off the water.  I was able to grout the shower so the next time we come up we can seal and put in a door and should be able to shower again!