Thursday, August 28, 2008

We have footers

Today "Poured Foundations" put in the footers for the basement. It was pretty exciting to see where the outside walls and supports would be in our new house. I went out there at lunch to see the progress that was being made and set up my camera (which again didn't take pictures...).

When I got out there I was informed by the crew that Lighthouse was supposed to be out there 45 minutes ago to discuss some issues. I called Rob and was informed that Steve was on his way. It took him a long time to get there...

The issues turned out to be that the window well for the basement hadn't been excavated and now, Tom couldn't get back to the area to do it. We discussed some options and I said that we could do something other then a concrete window well, either a plastic one, or I am thing now that a timber one might look nice.

Steve had me sign the invoice for the permits, which was 1600 more then we anticipated and were told we wouldn't have to pay. But Steve was in a crabby mood and I figure we can fight that one out at the end when we have to give them their profit. He was pretty cordial after I signed that, so I figure he thought it would be a fight. Next time I will send Jen, cause she wouldn't be intimidated by him... ;)

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