Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Lawyer

So for the past couple of months we have been noticing that Lighthouse has been over on quite a few of the line items on the draw logs. Needless to say this has been a bit concerning and we were worried where we stood on how much of the overages we would have to pay.

So I called the one lawyer I know (Luke) and asked for a good real estate attorney in the Cities. Luke gave me two names and using a coin I ended up calling one. We chatted for a couple minutes and he asked that I send some of the paper work we had collected over, but I asked for a face-to-face meeting as our situation is a bit complicated.

We had the meeting during which Tom (our lawyer) was pretty much confused and disgusted with the situation. We suggested that we set a meeting up with them and get everything down on paper in order prior to releasing anymore money to them. He gave us some pointers on how to write the agreement that we proposed, and said that it was in our best interest to handle it directly with them.

I wrote up an agreement and sent it to him to look over, then sent to Lighthouse.

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