Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Concrete problems

Looks like Lighthouse is going to have to come out and do some work... Like jack hammering up all the surface concrete they poured. I just hope it doesn't look like that under the garage floor. We haven't even started driving on the apron or garage floor yet, but I suspect they would crack pretty badly if we did...

Would love any advise people would have on alternatives and if they would be sufficient or not. I am sure LH will try to fix this as cheaply as possible. Or maybe it will be the responsibility of the sub that poured the concrete. Not sure.

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Todd - Home Construction Improvement said...

Honestly....doesn't look like the concrete guy caused this. Looks like water/rain washed out the sub-grade after the concrete was poured. Looks like a drainage, lack of grass or ground cover. After the sub-grade washed away the concrete cracked. Also, ALL concrete cracks, hairline and narrow cracks are common and structurally insignificant.