Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A/C Installation (III)

The brazing is an interesting process, you basically have to heat the metal to the point where the silver sodier will wick into the joint. The copper turned bright red, and still the silver you melt a bit, but they stick to the pipe. We were using a Mapp gas torch and eventually a butane one as well to try and keep the heat up.

You braze the line set to the evaporator line on the A-coil, and you braze a fitting to the line set for the compressed line. The A-coil has some components on the compressed size that could melt if they are heated up enough to braze (would be my guess).

You then have to braze the line set to the compressor on the outside of the house. This is fun because you have the compressor nice and close to the house so that it is out of the way. We had to drill a hole in the side of the house (always a fun process) and string the line set through the joists.

Part IV

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