Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gravel -> Blacktop

When we built our house 4 years ago we had to bring in a ridiculous about of fill for our driveway.  As a result we had/have issues with the apron on our garage sinking as well as the walkway to our front door.  So we have been hesitant to pave our driveway.

This summer the kids have been biking and triking around on the gravel quite a bit and we thought it was time to upgrade.  Last year I had gotten some quotes on the cost and they all seemed to come in at a consistent 7-8 thousand dollars.  This year I got a couple more quotes and had one at $6370 and one at $9000.  We went with cheaper options, as how bad can they screw it up?

That was about a month ago and we have been very happy with the improvement.  The kids love it and can play out there was an hour or two, which gives Jen opportunities to get some work done, or Facebook on her phone.

I also had to apron of the garage mud jacked for $400 so that the blacktop could be installed at the correct height.  This worked out pretty well too.

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Jen G said...

One of the best things we have done.