Monday, November 17, 2014

Some minor flooding...

The ice maker in our fridge worked for about 9 months after we bought the house.  At that point the fridge told us to replace the water filter, but there was no way we were going to pay $50 every 6 months.  So we never replaced it and it stopped making ice.

Fast forward to last week and I get the idea to look around for a bypass filter for it.  We have good water, so why do we need a filter anyways.  They are hard to find, especially since the filter basically are referenced by a large string of numbers, and there are many numbers and models.

I found our regular filter on Amazon for $30 (generic replacement I guess), in the comments for the filter, someone had referenced the bypass filter and provided a model number.  I searched for that and found it on Amazon UK, but couldn't order it from there.  Then I found it in the US here.  Ordered it and it came in 2 days.

I installed it and turned on the water.  Some water ran and I thought I would come back to some ice.  No ice...  I pushed the button in the back that is pressed when the ice box is pushed against it, nothing.  Closed it up and went on with my life.

As we are getting ready for bed, I hear Jen calling me down to the kitchen.  There is water dripping out of the freezer.  She opens the freezer (it is a drawer) and water comes pouring out.  The damn thing must have been half full of water.

I pulled the filter out so the water would stop.  Turns out that when I turn the water on, it just drains into the ice bucket.  So...  that will be turned off for awhile.

So needless to say we had fun cleaning that up, hole in the floor to the basement, so a lot of the water drained down there as well.  Luckily the basement isn't finished yet.

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