Monday, September 9, 2019

Apple picking and worm burning

We went to my Mom's on Saturday to visit and help her out with a few things around the house.  While there the kids wanted to pick apples from her tree, she is debating cutting it down, but that seems like such a waste!

The kids had a good time picking apples, most of the apples will require some selective slicing to make edible however, as there are quite a few worms nests in the tree.  So after we had picked what we could, I taped a torch to the end of a poll and went to work on the nests.  

Nothing most satisfying then watching burning worms fall to the ground.

We also played some Phase 10, which the kids have been getting into lately.  And also a new game called King Karma, which was pretty fun as well.

In addition we moved a bunch of wood into the garage for her so she would be ready to burn.

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