Saturday, January 18, 2020

CLR to the rescue

The faucets in the kids bathroom were/are looking pretty dingy.  We have hard water and the calcium builds up on things.  We try to clean then off, but over time it takes it toll.

We bought some new faucets today, to motivate me to see if I could clean the old ones off by removing them and soaking them in CLR.  The results are pretty good.  I think we can get another 10 years out of them :)

They are leaking a little they are turned on, so I contacted Delta to see if they will send me some springs and seats to redo them.  Otherwise I will order some.

Before, this is the other sink which wasn't quite as bad.  I will get to this one sometime in the future.  We could probably do the faucets in our bathroom as well, so I will get a bigger bucket.
Here is the faucet after soaking and some elbow grease.  It isn't perfect, but like I said it passed the bosses test.

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