Thursday, July 17, 2008

House Showing...

So... We didn't get any response from our first showing, very disappointing, and we haven't had any since. Not sure what the deal is with that. Interest rates were getting quite low in the middle of the week, however since the market has been rocketing back yesterday and today the rates are up quite a bit.

One reason to hope for a crappy market I guess.

We are going through the underwriting process on our loan at the moment. My company uses a service called the work number. This was quite a pain, because I didn't know about it and they called my company and ran into a wall. Luckily, the HR person here gave me a call and I was able to get it set up so they could verify my information.

The work number charges the person that is verifying the information a fee to use their service. I wonder if that turns companies off. I would think it would be a hassle, if you didn't normally used their service.

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