Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bills from Joanne (cont.)

Well, I called and talked with Joanne this morning. She said that LH had paid her for some of her work, but then instructed her to bill us directly. I replied that we had already paid that in the last draw request. She indicated that that is was news to her, so I asked if she wanted to call them and straighten it out. She thought it would be better for me to call...

So I then called Mel, got his voice mail, but received a call from him about 20 minutes later. I told him the situation and he referenced the overage agreement and realized his mistake. Apologized and said that he would pay her, but he did not recall getting a check from the title company for it, so he was going to check on that first.

I think the title company made the check out to LH, which was then deposited and forgotten about... But in any event it was actually a positive outcome I think. I asked if they were still planing on using it in the parade and he said yes, nothing has changed yet. Maybe it will all turn out as planned.

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