Monday, September 26, 2022

Wiring up Ethernet for Nick

Nick has been after me for a while to run ethernet to his room, he is convinced it will be far superior to the wireless ethernet he is using now.  I haven't been in a big hurry, because I need to run a cable through the attic, and it is dusty up there.

However, Maddie started guitar lessons and that left Nick and me home for 2 hours and he wanted to do it, so we did.  He did most of the wiring in the panel and his room, I braved the attic though.

The amazing thing is that the wired connection is about 10x faster, when doing a speed test to our NAS.  The wireless speed is just as fast as the WAN connection about 100mbps, but with the wired connection it gets almost the full 1gbps that our network is capable of.

So, most of the time it won't make a difference, but when transferring files to the NAS it is a lot faster.  The location of the ethernet port in his room necessitated the purchase of a right angle ethernet cable, so we could push his dresser up against it.

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