Sunday, December 10, 2023

Snowblower Repair...


So I am not sure the exact comedy of errors that happened with fixing the snowblower, but it started out with it not starting.  So naturally a carburetor problem...  Nick and I took it apart and found that the needle valve was indeed covered in stuff.  We cleaned it off and it worked for a bit.

Then it must have stopped working again, because I am pretty sure we took it apart again...  Then after we put it back together it wouldn't start.  So my fallback is to order a new carburator.

We got it and I started putting the new one in, but I was having a problem getting the spacer to fit.  So I checked You Tube and figured out that the spacer went on the other side of the carb.  So we must have put it back together incorrectly that second time.

So I doubt we needed a new carb, but I put it in anyways and it ran right away so we are ready for winter now.  Lesson of the day is to double check how to put things back together...

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