Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Furough Projects

My company instituted company wide furloughs for all salaried employees starting last week.  This is my furlough week and I am putting it to good use getting a few projects finished.

Our patio in the back has not been looking too good for awhile.  The ground has been sinking and as a result it kind of waves a bit.  Plus the wood edging needs stain.  So we decided to take it out and replace it with a deck.  Plus we have plan for the old stones.

So the first task is to get the stones out, the kids and I accomplished that yesterday.  Quite a bit of work, but it is done.

The other thing I was able to do yesterday was put up some more shelves in our attic.  We have quite a collection of ski's that a friend of Jen's didn't want anymore...  It was cool enough yesterday that the warm attic felt pretty good.

Now the plan is to put up more shelving...  If shelving on one side is good, both sides must be better right!

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