Friday, October 17, 2008

Model Agreement and Overages

This is the part that sucks. Lighthouse in trying to get us to pay for the extra retaining wall that supports the sidewalk. These were changes that we never formally agreed to, but "had to be done." The up charge seems ridiculous to me, they want an extra 7000 for the wall. The discussion we had at the lot the day they did this was that it would cost a little bit, couple thousand max.

I am not happy about this development. We assumed we would end up having to pay for some of this, but we were hoping it would be offset with other reductions in costs. Now, and this is new, Steve wants us to pay for the model upgrades as well, but only up to 340k, plus our overages. This is in contradiction to what we agreed upon, and was spelled out in the paper that gave to us.

I want to be fair, but they keep changing the contract on us. We have not signed a single change order or asked for a change. I assumed that we would end up paying 340k, because of the mistakes that Lighthouse has made in their bidding, but I am disappointed in this overage request.

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Chris, you should tag all of your lighthouse comments.