Friday, October 3, 2008

Model Updates, and Mess-ups

We are getting the french doors off the dinning room, upgrading the high window in the stairwell, to a larger picture window so that there is more light in the entry way. The window that was in the stairwell is moving to the pantry, or my mom suggested the walk in closet (we will see). We are getting the trusses over the garage we were suppose to.

We noticed another problem when we were out there with Steve tonight, the laundry room window is on the wrong side of the room, so they will have to move that.

Unfortunately, Steve had to cancel the rough electric, plumbing and inspection he had scheduled for Monday. In addition, it looks like it is set to rain Sunday, Mon, Tue and possibly Wed...

Steve also mentioned the fact that the boulders that are on the side of the road right now are "ours to buy"... He suggested that we talk with the Boulder King (the guy who did our current boulder wall), and see if he will put in a terrace below what is there now, otherwise he will have to take the boulders he left there.

Steve mentioned that the price on the boulder wall they did was $3800, which to me seems crazy high. I mean you put down some fabric and drop in the boulders. The bulk of the cost is in the boulders. The guy installed that wall in less then half a day, so there can't be that much labor involved. We will see what the bid comes back at, and start the negotiating from there...

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