Monday, October 13, 2008

Rob called

Received a call from Rob over lunch. Joanne has been picking out new carpet, paint and locating our electric options (the standard choice, and the Joanne choice...). I asked if perhaps it would have been useful for Jen and I to attend this meeting, Rob said that she would still have to present it to us.

Rob said that we should meet to discuss what is happening with the model, I said we had already planned to do that on Wednesday. He of course has to make some decisions before that... Damn it, the lack of planning on Lighthouses part has become very frustrating. I know that when we meet on Wed, they are going to demand that we sign the draw request as well. We have been asking for clarity on that draw request since last week.

Rob said that he would call me right back, he had people at his house to deliver dog food. It has been an hour and I haven't gotten a call back yet. I also asked about how the house selling was going and was told that the market going up today was good, and there numbers were better last month. The response was a little lacking for me.

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