Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heat Zone

I was reading the manual for the fireplace and saw that there is an optional heat zone kit that can be installed with the fireplace. It will pull air from the firebox to heat another area. I think it would be pretty easy to install this and run a vent up to the master bedroom and place a vent under where the bed will be.

Jen and I plan to do a lot of the heating with the fireplace in the winter, and I think this would help to distribute the heat throughout the house. I asked about the kit when we picked out the fireplace and I think it would be about $200 to purchase, and i don't know how much to install. Could probably do it myself, but I don't know what that would do if there was a problem with the chimney later.

Comments would be welcome, we probably need to make a decision this week (as drywall goes up next week probably). One other thing is that since the bedroom is right above the living room, we might get sufficient convection heating.

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Chris said...

Found an interesting forum where they discuss the 7100: