Monday, September 22, 2008


So I have to say that the news I am reading/seeing in the last couple of days is concerning. Here is a graph of the average 30 year mortgage rate over the last year. Currently they are really good, historically as well as over the past year. I think that the big drop recently was in response to Fannie/Freddie bailout.

The very recent uptick is in response to the 700b/1t bailout they are talking about now, and the effect that will have on the value of the dollar (at least I think). Depending on what Congress comes up with this week will probably determine what happens to it.

Bankrate continues to say that people with good credit and jobs should be able to continue to get mortgages, but it is still concerning. Of course our stock holding have taken a beating as well, but I don't think we will have to tap into them for this project.

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