Saturday, September 20, 2008

Money, Money, Money Draw 1

I realized that I never put the actual first that was was provided to Lighthouse. I posted about the first draw they requested, however that one was denied and they submitted a much more appropriate one. As you can see they requested half the fee for the plumber, so he could put in the rough plumbing work so they could pour the slab. 375 for a slit fence.

The other two items were a point of contention, as they were not in our original agreement. We were only supposed to pay ~2300 to the city for permits, as we had already paid 1600 with McDonnald. However, the city changed it's mind and required more, this is more of a beef with the city then with Lighthouse though. However, Lighthouse did say on the phone that we wouldn't have to pay the upcharge. Then changed their minds... There is a previous post.

The 600 for engineering was discussed in a previous post, it was an expense we weren't aware of.

The reason I am posting this now is because we have the second draw request and I wanted to get this one up before writing about the new one. There is also another big news item to come, hopefully tonight.

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