Thursday, September 25, 2008

Draw #3

Well, we were supposed to meet with Lighthouse tonight to go over a couple of things, but then I received a voice mail from Steve says that "Before you drive all the way down here, just wanted to call and tell you we aren't having a meeting." Kinda weird, and he sounded crabby about it, so I am not sure, what that was all about.

In addition, I received an email this afternoon with a draw request and an invoice that didn't match the draw request. It was the draw request for the Sterling package, about $112,000. The email stated that Lighthouse would reimburse us at the end for the additions to the package (due to the model house). I am not comfortable with the ad-hoc method they want to use for this, and requested an invoice that details the additions. As well as wording on the invoice to the effect that we will be compensated at the end for the additions...

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