Saturday, September 13, 2008

Couple of updates from last week

Lets see, not too much happened last week. The electric company (Dakota Electric) came out and put in little white flags to mark where they would run the electric to the house. In addition, they placed a stake in the ground for a large green transformer that is required.

Unfortunately, they placed it very close to where we might like to incorporate a turn around in our driveway. Fortunately, I stopped out Friday and talked with Bill from Dakota Electric and he had no problem moving the stake for me. Not sure I love where it is now, but how much are you going to love a 4x4 green box on your property...

Tom (excavation, whom we can't say enough nice things about, he really is a nice guy), had to put the driveway to grade so that Dakota Electric can know how deep to bury the cable, so I think the driveway is at about the correct grade and location now. Just need to bring out class 5, I think.

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