Friday, September 19, 2008

Well Drilling

Thursday I stopped out to see what was going on around 2pm and found that we have a well now. I was standing by watching and water started gushing out of the pipe. That was cool, of course they were sending air down the pipe to clear the area. Still to me it seemed pretty cool.

I am not sure how the whole process works, but I they took the drilling shaft with them, so I am not sure what they left down there... Wikipedia could probably tell me.

After they took out the drill, they filled a large barrel with water and poured in mortar mix, then poured it in the hole. Guess that is for stability and pollution control?

Anyways, very cool and I am glad I got to see a bit of it at least. By the way, Bohn is the company that drilled it and the guys there were very nice and answered all the questions that I asked.

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