Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Model Updates #1

Met with Steve last night quickly, he provided me with a couple of ideas that they were kicking around for upgrades. Mainly what he mentioned before, but this time with drawing...

The garage doors are upgraded and he actually ordered them already, so I guess he is kind committed to this already. The retaining wall is an upgrade, which he said is going to cost about 4000 dollars. The shakes above the garage are an upgrade, when we inquired as to the price to do that it was about $900.

Steve mentioned doing stone work all the way up the garage, but I would guess that will be out of the price range they are looking at... Also, he said that they wanted to upgrade our appliances, like double the price of them. That seem ridiculous, but bully for us I guess. I liked our selections. They haven't decided what they want to do about the sidewalk to the walkout basement yet.

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