Wednesday, September 3, 2008


They pulled all the the forms off over the weekend and took them away yesterday. I noticed that some drain tile had been added in the sidewalk section. Other then that they haven't done much since last Friday.

Today we found out that they won't "set" the house till October 1st now. That is a full 2 weeks of slip. Bummer.

Also, I went out and talked with Steve this morning and he presented me with a bill for 600 dollars for the engineering of the concrete wall to hold up the sidewalk. That is just the engineering. I have found out that if you agree to something before it is done, expect the price to be double what it would have been had you negotiated before hand.

Needless to say it hasn't been a great day concerning the house. Though they are putting in the rough plumbing today, and the guy out there was very nice. We added a drain under the stairs in case we want to add a wet bar later. We will see what that adds up to...

Finally, we have the issue with the window well. They forgot to dig out the window well and couldn't back back to do it after the basement was excavated. So we agreed to do a fiberglass one that would look better anyways. Well it turns out those things are a huge rip-off, so now Steve wants to do a metal one... But it will save us 400 bucks, so with the 2000 he got off the electric we should about wash. Ug, I want to throw something.


Fratzels said...

Hate to say it but an engineering bill of $600 isn't bad considering the average engineer bills their time for close to $200/hr. When it's unexpected that certainly stinks but I don't think you got robbed.


Chris said...

I understand the point, but when you consider the scope of the work it seems brutal.