Thursday, August 3, 2017

Toilet Trouble

So based on "peer pressure" from the internet, I purchased a bidet.  Not something I thought I would ever buy, but enough people and reviews said that they are wonderful that I thought I would try one.

Where it was leaking.
I purchased one from Amazon, it was this one.  It was on sale for 19.99 and it seemed like a what the heck purchase.  Of course in order to get free shipping I had to add a shower head as well, which works well.

Tiny little gasket that wasn't doing the job...
When I went to install the bidet, I disconnected the water supply, installed bidet and reconnected everything.  Found out quickly that the connection between the tank and the diverter leaked.  So now the wife wasn't happy with me, so I took it all apart and hooked it back up as it was before.  And it leaked!  Ugg.

The value that my builder used was a FlowTite valve by Accor Technology.  The problem is that the tube is crimped to the value, so there isn't a way to replace the connector.  I was reading about twisting the value to get it off and replacing it with a regular value.

However, I saw some beveled washers while wondering around at home depot hoping to figure out a solution and thought I would try them.  They provided enough additional material that the gasket seated in the connector and didn't leak anymore!

FlowTite Plastic Value Assembly