Monday, November 12, 2018

The attic continues (and drags on into the cold months...)

This is a bit of an old picture, but you can see the "shiplap" walls there, it is working OK.  We ended up having to put in drywall anyway because 1/4" wood isn't very strong... duh.  The hole in the wall there is for storage, I will need to build some slide in door to insulate that when we aren't accessing it.

It has been a bit of a dragged out process and is taking way too long.  It is tough to find time.  The sides are insulated now, but the end wall has yet to be build.  So it is really cold up there.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

My wife done lost her mind! Putting in an attic space.

Jen let me put a hole in our closet to access the attic more easily.  We are on the way to having a fun little reading nook/storage room above our upstairs!

Sunday I went into the attic via Maddie's closet and was able to clear out the space above the closet of insulation.  Then I drilled down 4 holes about where I thought the opening would be between the trusses.

Once back down, I was able to cut the hole and away we went.  I have been working on putting in floor boards, the most difficult task is getting them up through the hole.  Then the kids and I have been putting down furring strips so we are able to avoid moving a bunch of wires and putting the floor boards down.

Nick has swimming last night so we weren't able to work on it, but tonight we were able to reroute a vent pipe and get another floor board down.

We are thinking of doing ship lap for the walls, that way we can use thin strips and it looks pretty nice.  We will see.  Jen's hope is that it doesn't take too long.  We will see, we are pretty busy and it takes some dedicated time to make progress.