Monday, January 4, 2016

New Bed

Final Product.
Cost for parts:

1 - 1/2 inch 4x8 sheet MDF: $50
5 - 2x6x8': $16
1 - 4x4x8: $9
3 - 2x4x6': $5
4 - 2x4x8': $9
8 - 2x4 Joist Hanger: $6

Hardware: $9 (screws, bolts, nuts, washers)

Total: ~ $104

I also had to buy and long drill bit (5/16") for $5.

I started with a design I sketched out on paper, a simple design that fit the size of our new bed.  I ended up with what my wife calls a "chunky" design, but that she likes.

The design is based around 4x4 legs, with 2x4 and 2x6 "ledges" for the frame to rest on, that makes it easier to bolt the legs on since you don't have to hold them up as well.  Giving it considerable girth.

The legs were glued and clamped, so that they don't have screw holes.
Leg Pieces.

Frame built in garage.
 It breaks apart as well so we could get it up the stairs, then it is held together with 16 bolts.

Maddie putting it together.

Kids having fun under it.

Friday, December 18, 2015

New Shades

Last Christmas my folks gave us some money to purchase shades for our windows, we finally got around to spending some of that money.  We purchased shades for our basement and bedroom, because Menards was having a 51% off sale on Levolor shades.

If you haven't noticed shades are stupid expensive, so we were pretty happy to find these at a decent price.  The only issue is that the middle window is 5 feet wide, so there is quite a bit of weight on the strings.  They have worked fine, but I worry about that a bit.

We ordered 5 shades at 36" wide (60" tall I think) and 2 at 60" wide.  We wish we had ordered for the middle floor as well, since they are working pretty well.  We paid $61 for the 3 footers and just under $100 for the 5 footers, $539.62 all together.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Does this make it a Finished Basement?

I had purchased a ceiling fan for the basement some time ago when it must have been on a good sale.  We have been wiring plugs and some recessed lights in the basement when Nick comes across the ceiling fan.  He wants to put it up, so I say maybe tomorrow we need a bracket for it.

I picked up the bracket on the way home from work and we put that up.  We get the fan out and realize that we can't just mount it to the bracket it needs some drywall up as well.  Nick convinces me to put up a piece of drywall so we can proceed.
Nick did some wiring, Maddie put in the light bulbs and away we went.  We also had to buy a fan controller (light switch), we found one that will just control the fan, however they also had one that will control the fan and the light from the same switch with a dimmer for the light as well.  It was $25 vs $22 for the other.  So this way we can also put a switch in for the hall light as well. :)  A 3-way switch no less.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Creating an Arduino Etch A-Sketch

I ordered some Rotary Encoders for another project and thought I would put together a simple Etch A-Sketch Arduino.  Then I programmed a simple viewer in Processing.  It is really rough, but it works.


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Attic Ladder

I purchased an attic ladder for our garage shortly after we built our house.  It has been garage decor since that time.  I finally had a feel weekend a month ago and we decided to put it in.  It actually went in fairly easily, but it does take two people.

You need an opening in your ceiling, then headers on either side of the opening.  The ladder is designed to fit between trusses 24 inches on center.  Then you put up some temporary boards to rest the ladder on.  Finally you secure the ladder, then test the length of the ladder.

Unfortunately, the ladder we purchased was a bit too short, so in order to use it safely you have to put a 4x4 under the end of the stairs.

Time to put in a Pool

We purchased an above ground pool about 2 years ago on clearance at Target.  It is a 20' Intex type pool.  I tried to find someone to level an area for us for a couple weeks with no luck, put would email back, then not show up!  I finally was able to talk with one of our neighbors and he agree to come over and level the area.
 And here is the after.  Unfortunately, it turns out that is was level enough.  We put the pool up and filled it about 2 feet on the low end, which ended up being about 1 foot on the high end.  We played around in it, but decided that we need to take it down and re-level it.

So we took it back down and hopefully Darren (out neighbor) will be able to level it this weekend.  Then we can put it back up this week, since it is going to be hot.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Great Deal from Dakota Electric

 I noticed that Dakota Electric would provide rebates for purchasing CFL or LED lighting.  When Menards had a sale, I bought a bunch to change out the lights in a few areas were we still have incandescent bulbs.

I bought 25 bulbs for $105 (I think, I don't have the receipt anymore) and Dakota Electric credited me $110 (maybe it was $110).  The rebate form said they would refund up to %50 of the bulb cost, but they refunded the entire amount!

So know I have two months without an electric bill!

As you can see out electric usage is down for this month, not sure it can completely be attributed to the lights, but they certainly don't hurt.

I would be interested in hearing how much electric other people are using as well, it would be nice if on the bill they would tell you what percentile you are in as far as usage.