Monday, June 17, 2019

Attic Room Expenses


  • Attic Ladder: 104
  • OSB (8x4) 3 pieces: 52.41
  • Brad Nails (5000): 9.59
  • Furring Strips (10): 11.50
  • Framing lumber (4 2x4x6): 9.56
  • Door lumber (2 1x2x6, 2 1x3x6): 5.34, 7.44
  • Construction Screws (5lbs 3inch): 14.99
  • Construction Adhesive (3): 6.75 + (8) 17.98
  • ABS cement: 5.4
  • 1.5 inch vent elbows (4): 5.48
  • 1/4 inch plywood for "shiplap" (7): 139.93

Monday, November 12, 2018

The attic continues (and drags on into the cold months...)

This is a bit of an old picture, but you can see the "shiplap" walls there, it is working OK.  We ended up having to put in drywall anyway because 1/4" wood isn't very strong... duh.  The hole in the wall there is for storage, I will need to build some slide in door to insulate that when we aren't accessing it.

It has been a bit of a dragged out process and is taking way too long.  It is tough to find time.  The sides are insulated now, but the end wall has yet to be build.  So it is really cold up there.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

My wife done lost her mind! Putting in an attic space.

Jen let me put a hole in our closet to access the attic more easily.  We are on the way to having a fun little reading nook/storage room above our upstairs!

Sunday I went into the attic via Maddie's closet and was able to clear out the space above the closet of insulation.  Then I drilled down 4 holes about where I thought the opening would be between the trusses.

Once back down, I was able to cut the hole and away we went.  I have been working on putting in floor boards, the most difficult task is getting them up through the hole.  Then the kids and I have been putting down furring strips so we are able to avoid moving a bunch of wires and putting the floor boards down.

Nick has swimming last night so we weren't able to work on it, but tonight we were able to reroute a vent pipe and get another floor board down.

We are thinking of doing ship lap for the walls, that way we can use thin strips and it looks pretty nice.  We will see.  Jen's hope is that it doesn't take too long.  We will see, we are pretty busy and it takes some dedicated time to make progress.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Toilet Trouble

So based on "peer pressure" from the internet, I purchased a bidet.  Not something I thought I would ever buy, but enough people and reviews said that they are wonderful that I thought I would try one.

Where it was leaking.
I purchased one from Amazon, it was this one.  It was on sale for 19.99 and it seemed like a what the heck purchase.  Of course in order to get free shipping I had to add a shower head as well, which works well.

Tiny little gasket that wasn't doing the job...
When I went to install the bidet, I disconnected the water supply, installed bidet and reconnected everything.  Found out quickly that the connection between the tank and the diverter leaked.  So now the wife wasn't happy with me, so I took it all apart and hooked it back up as it was before.  And it leaked!  Ugg.

The value that my builder used was a FlowTite valve by Accor Technology.  The problem is that the tube is crimped to the value, so there isn't a way to replace the connector.  I was reading about twisting the value to get it off and replacing it with a regular value.

However, I saw some beveled washers while wondering around at home depot hoping to figure out a solution and thought I would try them.  They provided enough additional material that the gasket seated in the connector and didn't leak anymore!

FlowTite Plastic Value Assembly

Friday, November 4, 2016

More Storage...

Seem like all I do these days is build storage space.  With plans for more!

When in doubt go vertical, why waste the space right next to your ceiling?

Monday, September 19, 2016

Expanding Storage

Awhile ago, I had put in a platform over my work bench in the garage to store "stuff".  It was about 6 feet by 4 feet and stored our lawn chairs, old pipe, tennis racks and such.  Well, we needed it to hold more.  So now it is 6 feet by 10 feet :)  The kids think it will make a great play space now.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Garage Door Springs, time to replace

Well, the house is 7 and a half years old now so it was bound to happen.  I had actually been thinking about picking up a couple replacement springs a couple weeks ago.  Jen had went to pick the kids up from the bus stop after school, when they got back from the bus stop and tried to open the door it would only open about a foot.

So they ended up sitting on the porch reading books till I got home from work (Jen had left her cell phone and there is no way to get into the house short of breaking a window...)  Once I got home we got into the garage through the other door and were able to check out the damage.
Sure enough the spring on the left was in 2 pieces.  The one on the right was still in one piece, but I thought it might be broken as well.  I started to loosen the set screws on the springs and drums so I could take off the springs.  I didn't let the tension out of the right one and I should have, because once it loosened up it released quickly.

Off the Menards to pick up some springs, I took the old one to compare and finally found one that matched fairly well and picked up a Left and Right wound spring.  $80 for the pair plus $10 for a set of steel bars to wind them (I had a pair but could only find one of them, of course I found the other one the next day).
Once I had the springs it took about 30 minutes to put them up.  The door even sounds better then before, I am not sure they were wound as tight as they should have been.  The lefthand / righthand winding confused me for a minute, till I looked at the directions and saw that the lefthand winding goes on the right side of the garage as you look out.  Then that was easy.

Working on torsion springs is a little nerve racking, but that is a good thing they can be dangerous.  But if you are careful and take your time, I don't see why it isn't a DIY project.

8 years ago I hired someone to come fix springs at our old house, I will do everything to avoid that again.