Monday, December 26, 2022

Washer Boot Replace


Our old washing boot was pretty gross and was ripped a bit on the side, so water would come out when Jen would do a cleaning cycle.  The hardest part is getting the steel ring back on the outer part after it is all back together.

This is the second time I have replaced the boot in 13 years, so we get about 7 years out of one.  It isn't easy to find one for this washer anymore, I ended up paying $80 for it.  It was $80 3.5 years ago when I did it last time.  Not sure why that one didn't last as long...

Then I cleaned out the filter at the bottom and it was GROSS!  It always is.  If you haven't cleaned yours in a while it is worth looking at!

Garage Heater part duex


I built a thermostat to control the heater.  I have a little server running on NAS that it uploads temp/humidity data to and will update the setpoint when it sends data (once a minute).  I don't have it running all the time, only when we are out there and need it.  It was a fun little project.

I will eventually get around to adding graphs, but for now it will cycle the heater on and off as needed to maintain setpoint.