Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Concrete problems

Looks like Lighthouse is going to have to come out and do some work... Like jack hammering up all the surface concrete they poured. I just hope it doesn't look like that under the garage floor. We haven't even started driving on the apron or garage floor yet, but I suspect they would crack pretty badly if we did...

Would love any advise people would have on alternatives and if they would be sufficient or not. I am sure LH will try to fix this as cheaply as possible. Or maybe it will be the responsibility of the sub that poured the concrete. Not sure.

Garden Update

So now it has been about 3 weeks since I started this project. The beans and peas are really doing amazing, there are already some beans coming in.

It is about time to get them outside I think. My folks dropped off a tiller for us to use, so I need to till up some ground and get a fence for the bunnies/deer.

Kitchen Table

This is the kitchen table that we put together for about $30. We went to Basset Furniture to look around and found this table top in the clearance area for $50 (I think). It has some pretty significant flaws, hence the low low price (I think it probably retails for over $1000). Jen and I hemmed and hawed about it for probably an hour with the manager there, eventually he said to just take it and shop there in the future.

Of course we could take it that day since we had the golf, and um yeah that wasn't going to happen. So we came back the next day with a truck and they gave it to us.

Fast forward to a couple weekends ago and I bought 4x4 Douglas fir posts and some paint. So for about $30 I built the legs.

The chairs were a Walmart clearance item for $50 per. Which we thought was pretty reasonable for dinning room chairs. We couldn't find anything cheaper.

Rock around the house

While Jen was working on seeding I was working on putting in edging, landscape fabric and rock down around the house. You haven't lived till you have hauled rocks of rocks around the house... You can see the bags in the lower picture. This is going around the garage on the Rich Valley side of the house.

Seeding the hillside

Here is the the hillside that runs next to our driveway. The driveway had to be brought up to grade with many dump trucks of fill... We starting seeding the area last weekend, then my folks brought over some extra straw bale then had gotten. Jen did most of the raking and seeding.

Friday, May 1, 2009

[rebates] Apollo Graphics Card

Sending in the rebate for the graphics card that has give me problems, but I think I have them sorted out now. $13 rebate.