Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kitchen Table

This is the kitchen table that we put together for about $30. We went to Basset Furniture to look around and found this table top in the clearance area for $50 (I think). It has some pretty significant flaws, hence the low low price (I think it probably retails for over $1000). Jen and I hemmed and hawed about it for probably an hour with the manager there, eventually he said to just take it and shop there in the future.

Of course we could take it that day since we had the golf, and um yeah that wasn't going to happen. So we came back the next day with a truck and they gave it to us.

Fast forward to a couple weekends ago and I bought 4x4 Douglas fir posts and some paint. So for about $30 I built the legs.

The chairs were a Walmart clearance item for $50 per. Which we thought was pretty reasonable for dinning room chairs. We couldn't find anything cheaper.

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