Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Backyard Patio

This is a project that we started last year and are in the process of finishing this year.  The patio was finished last year, the retaining wall was finished this spring and the grass was planted a couple weeks ago.  Here is the  material costs:

  • Delivery $50
  • Sand $175 (locking and leveling)
  • Block $604
  • Retaining Wall Block $477
  • Compactor $121 (1 day, 4 hours Home Depot)
  • Class 5 base $176
  • Misc $80 (wood and rebar)
So all told for the patio we spent just over $1200.  This summer one of the corners of the patio sunk a bit, so I am not sure how successful I was with the compactor.

Patio block and Retaining wall
Thanks Menards :)
Area Prepped and Ready

In Progress in the middle of the night. Not too bad

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