Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Letter

It has been an eventful year for our family, starting last November I along with a 1000 others were informed that Lockheed would be closing its facility in Eagan.  I started interviewing right away and in January was extended an offer to work for Trane in White Bear Lake.  Working with Trane and Lockheed I was able to start my new job in March, but continue with Lockheed until my layoff date in April (it was a very busy month).  Since then work has been good, no travel and normal hour, which has been good since...

We welcomed our daughter Madelyn Olivia in August!  She came into the world in quite a rush.  Jen woke up at 4am and Maddie was born a little after 6am!  Life with 2 kids has been very different than life with 1, but very wonderful.  Maddie is doing very well and really starting to develop her personality.  She is very fond of her brother as well :)

Nick is growing into quite the "big boy," his biggest accomplishment recently has been to shed the diapers and start using the toilet.
 - Why does Nick have juice? Because Nicholas needs juice.
 - I no need nap. it's in here, it's in my body.

Jen is taking the year off to care for Nick and Maddie, and loving it!  She has become very strong from carrying Maddie around while playing with Nick,

Apparently I never got around to finishing this letter (shocking), but I thought I would publish it anyways :) 

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