Thursday, September 5, 2013

Updating Shelves in Basement

Shortly after we moved into the new house I built some shelves in the basement for storage of "stuff".  It served us well for 4 years, but I had an itch to have the shelves go all the way across as well as dress it up for when we finish the basement some year.

I started building these in June and finished them up, but don't have any pictures of the finished product so I will add what I have now and take a few once I get home.  As you can see I first had to "clear" the area, but put up some drywall.  I had to build the shelves around the radon mitigation pipe I had just installed as well.

I used some 2x4 brackets to attach the cross pieces to the studs behind the drywall, then cut some short 2x4 supports and toe-nailed them into the cross pieces.  The shelves have been holding up well under the weight.  Room is about 12 feet across.

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