Sunday, January 26, 2020

Leaking Humidifier

My wife asked me to turn on the humidifier a couple weeks ago because it was getting dry in the house.  When I turned it on though, I noticed it was leaking water.  So I turned it back off and just got around to it yesterday.

After checking that the drain line and the pad looked fine, I noticed that the rubber tube that carries the water from the solenoid to the top of the filter pad wasn't quite seated to the bottom of the nipple.

I turned it back on and noticed that when it first starts, the rubber tube slips up a bit.  I figure that the calcium in our water is probably building up in the tube causing a little more pressure when it starts up.  So I just put a zip tie on it and will monitor it going forward.  At some point I will need to soak it in CLR :)

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