Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Call from Ty (1/28)

Received a call from Ty today, he wanted to tell me that he was going to talk to Steve about the money owed him. He also said that he had been invited to a meeting with LH and there subcontractors to discuss there future. Actually, it sounds like LH is going to be sticking around from what I have heard. Or course we will see how long it takes for them to pay Ty and Joanne.

It is actually quite ironic, because when we first met up with LH they were very insistent that we pay them up front, because they had a policy of paying their subs ASAP. Now they have this 2 week delay.

Ty also mentioned that he thinks the rails on the porch don't meet code (they are too far apart). Also that the ceiling over the staircase is too low to meet code... I don't know, the building inspector didn't say anything, so I am not going to worry about it. I think he wanted me to use it as leverage to get LH to pay him so...

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