Sunday, January 25, 2009

Meet with Ty (part 2)

Ty was telling us that he met with Lighthouse and presented them with an invoice for additional work that he had performed at Steve's direction. The first time that he presented them with that, Steve got mad and yelled and cursed at Ty. Can't say exactly about what or how that went down. Ty said is wasn't pleasant. Ty agreed to adjust the figures (as he put it, screwing himself), and presented them with an adjusted invoice (going from 1 thousand something to around 800). Apparently Lighthouse is going to try to recoup the cost from Sterling (some of it, some of the work was fixing problems with the windows). Lighthouse agreed to pay Ty, so he asked when he could get a check and they new policy at LH is to pay the contractors 2 weeks after the work is performed... So needless to say Ty is nervous about getting paid and just wanted to keep us in the loop. He also mentioned that we could pay him, then deduct that from what we pay LH. Unfortunately, we don't owe them anymore money, and they owe us One other interesting bit of new from Ty is that LH moved their office. Apparently, they are now shacked up with Rob at the Keller Williams office... That is very concerning. And disappointing, they had such nice plans for setting up a showroom, ect at their old offices.

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