Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Not so much problems as inconveniences. Lighthouse wants to do the final walk-thru on the 18th, and closing on the 23rd. However, our financing agreement with the bank (4.875%), ends on the 23rd. Apparently it takes a couple days to go through, and there are fines for each day late. So I sent LH this email:

After talking with Steve and Stacee this week, Jen and I would like to propose closing on the 18th of February. Steve you indicated that you would like to do the walk thru on the 18th, so we don’t see any reason why we couldn’t do that in the morning and closing in the afternoon.

This is actually a necessity, because the lock on our rate expires on the 23rd, and Stacee indicated that the paperwork for that takes a couple of days. There is a daily fee for being late, and we would not want Lighthouse to have to pay that, since you indicated that you would be finished in early February at the meeting in December.

To which I received this:

Chris & Stacee,
Lighthouse Custom Homes made no written agreement to any closing date. Our projected closing date will be February 23rd. Enclosed is an invoice from Five Star Plumbing for $125.00 for a wet bar that was requested by homeowner that was not previously disclosed to Lighthouse. This was done outside of the scope of the contract and will be billed under the guidelines of the contract with regards to change order.

After receiving this I was pretty upset, so I had a long email reply that was a bit critical. However, they resent the email with this added:

We will help with what we can and will try to move up the closing date but we cannot guarantee that we will be ready on the 18th. We do not have a certificate of occupancy and still have numerous inspections to complete. Thus the reason for our 23rd statement.

So after receiving that I moderated the email, but I still don't think they are going to like it...

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