Friday, February 20, 2009

A very busy week (cont.)

Yesterday was pretty crazy because I also had to get some repairs done on the car in the morning. Luckily Firestone was a ghost town so they were able to get me in right away. I called them and asked what it would cost to replace the brake pads (160). I dropped it off and expected to wait, but was told it would be at least an hour (couple people had come in since I had called...), so I walked to work (very cold out).

I received a call from them about 11, a caliper had seized so that needed to be replaced (580)... I called up VW and asked what they charge (680), and if it would be covered under my warrenty. They wouldn't commit, so I just told Firestone to fix it (I knew VW probably wouldn't be able to get me in till next week).

Firestone had told me that they would have it done by 2:30, so I call at 2:15 and ask about the status and I get this "Oh yeah, I told you it would be done at 2:30..." Great... So they offer to get it done as quick as possible. I start walking back over there, it is still cold out...

Long story short, I leave Firestone at 3, with a bill for 838.78 (new rotors required as well, plus a brake flush, and of course tax). Rush home to pick up some papers that I ended up not needing and speeding to closing at 3:30 in Roseville, hurray.

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