Saturday, December 28, 2013

Couple old pictures

Found a couple old picture that are relevant so I thought I would post them.

This was a repair I had to make because I forgot to turn off the water to the garage sink early enough in the fall.  I really need to learn that lesson better, but the kids like to use a hose attached to the sink to play with water pretty late into the fall.  The copper pipe burst and I had to replace it, I replaced it with a stainless steel one and I haven't had any problems since, even though I have still forgot to turn the water off early enough.  So I had to buy a new tool to get to the nut, I hope to never use it again.

 This is our mud room setup, the top and bottom unit were pretty well priced at ikea, it works well for us though Jen would like cabinet doors in there.  For what reason I am not sure since the whole area it destroyed most of the time :)  We have lots of fun outside.

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