Thursday, September 18, 2008

Basement slab

On Wednesday they poured the basement slab, I was just getting back from the trip and stopped out around 11. This is where they were at 11, smoothing the slab and walking on it. I wonder when they poured it. I also wonder if there is wire or rebar in there, I hope so. At least if it cracks in the next 10 years we should be able to have it fixed... They put crack lines in it already though.

Rob mentioned to us that before we seal it, we need to make sure that any chalk is off it, otherwise it will be there forever. And you should seal it if you are going to have pets, otherwise they will pee on it and it will seep in and stink (words of wisdom from a co-worker, with many pets).

Not much more to say, it is what it is.


jackmo said...

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Chris said...

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