Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our $23,000 appliances...

So as a result of using our house as a model, Lighthouse wants to upgrade our appliances. We had selected some very nice black maytag ones, that apparently didn't make the cut. Though I really doubt that they ever actually looked at them.

So the talk was that we were going to get stainless appliances that cost 25k, and we would only pay the 5k that we had originally planned on paying (which was actually more then we were going to get our for, but pretty close). I think the idea was that we would be so blown away we wouldn't ask questions and just be thrilled.

Why someone would buy appliances for 25k is beyond me, I mean the food is cooked the same... So yesterday Steve called and asked if we had reviewed them yet, we hadn't because we had been out of town. So last night we stopped by Warners Stellian and had a gentleman look up the order Lighthouse had placed on Friday. I am thinking Lighthouse wouldn't have wanted us to see the invoice, but he printed it out and said we could take it, and you can see the outcome above...

Now they are nice appliances, and you can see the MSPR that I found off the Bosch website. Lighthouse is getting the model price on the appliances, so that is why it is so cheap, still not 25k like they said though. In addition, our 5k appliance package included a washer and dryer, so we are going to have to figure out how we are going to rectify that.

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