Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Meeting with our Designer

We met with Joanne last night to discuss our style and what we envision in our house. She wanted to send us some different carpet samples, she felt the one we picked was muddy / topee... Whatever that means. Jen seems to speak her language, I am not really all the attached to our selections, so I am happy to have her look them over.

She is going to check out some furniture and see if we like it. If so she can apparently get some deals, though I seriously doubt she understands the budget we would feel comfortable with. We tried to explain that to her, and she did mention TJ Maxx to find a mirror, so there is possibly hope.

We had picked out a blue color for the main bath, which she is concerned about, because we don't have accessories for it and don't carry it through to another room.

She also offered to help us stage our current house. There was no discussion of cost, but I am pretty sure she would charge us, so I am pretty sure we will pass ;)


svenden said...

Go with the shag carpet, man -- retro is in! You could do blue shag, to match the bathroom...

Chris said...

Haha, that is pretty good. The carpet is a little "shaggy", but "muddy"... Of course since the house is currently being rained on, it probably is a little muddy.