Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Today is the day

Today is the day that they start setting the house. It is a pretty slick process and by Friday or Saturday we will have the framing or the house pretty much done. As you can see the progress is amazing. The top picture was taken at 8:04am, and the bottom at 8:40am. By the time I left at 9:30 the basement was done and the first floor deck was on. CRAZY.

By the end of the day the second floor should be done and the roof trusses will be put on tomorrow. Not really sure what will be left to do after that but...

The weather looks to be great for the next couple of days, which should ensure that we have a dry house :)

The construction process is pretty sweet and is probably the way of the future. They can build a house in 5 days in their factory and can have 5 of them out the door a day. Greg (the Sterling rep) was saying that the builders actually sleep in there trucks when they drive them up here. Saves on motel costs I suppose.

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