Thursday, October 23, 2008

Siding goes up

Today as well they are starting to put up the siding. The fascia under the porch isn't up yet, but I suspect they had to wait on that till the inspector came (which he did yesterday I guess, to the rough work in the house).

The shakes look nice and I am excited to see how to whole package will look together. The stone on the front of the garage is going up on Saturday, and I would guess most of the siding will be up by then as well.

The concrete for the garage and apron are going in on Monday and the insulation on Tuesday. Steve also mentioned that the porch floor can go in once the concrete is poured.

Tom is supposed to be out there today to move dirt around, however wasn't out there by the time I left. Steve is still concerned about the retaining wall we aren't going to pay to put in (the boulder one, below the other boulder one...).

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